Voice of the Future 2018

By Adam Jellett, University of Bristol

How would politicians cope being quizzed by a room full of young scientists and engineers? That’s what I sought to find out when I travelled to Westminster to take part in Voice of the Future 2018. This event, organised by the Royal Society of Biology and in its seventh iteration, is unique in its reversing of a Select Committee meeting, where MPs hold experts and government ministers to account in various areas of policy. At Voice of the Future, it is the MPs who are questioned so that we, the scientific community, can gain a better understanding of the world of policy and their views on UK science. Can we change their opinions? Can they change ours?

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CancerSEEK – the ‘holy grail’ of cancer diagnosis?

Kelli Gallacher, University of Bristol

It may only be early in 2018, but we have already been treated to some exciting science news. Last week, a study published in Science described a blood test that is able to detect proteins and genes that are characteristic of eight common forms of cancer; ovarian, lung, breast, liver, stomach, pancreatic, colon and oesophageal. This could have a huge impact in how we diagnose cancer – but how far have we come and how soon can we see the test in practice?

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