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Your Scales Look Awfully Fishy

By Paulo Szwarc, Federal University of Paraná

Following the Oscars 2018 Best Picture award to Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, a weird thought probably navigates our minds: what if we had scales instead of skin? No? Maybe it’s just a crazy thought I had while observing the movie’s creepy yet astonishing “monster”, an amphibian/fish-looking humanoid looking straight out of a Lovecraft story.

Exploiting drug redeployment for modern-day drug discovery

By Sabrina Hossain, University of Birmingham

The progression of drug discovery and development over the last 50 years has been rather exciting for scientists and the community to follow. The drastic improvements of the techniques used to understand the molecular basis of diseases, alongside more competent machinery for a faster drug production line, has led to significant benefits for global health.