Respect in the lab

Laboratories are full of scientists who do research on the bench, and at times in front of the computer. They are composed of PhD students and staff like research assistants, post-docs and lab managers. Ideally, working in a lab is like living with other housemates or with other family members. A lab is a well-oiled machine if it operates like a functional household. Continue reading Respect in the lab

The invisible superheroes inside plants

By Maria Constantin Maybe you’ve heard about the one of the latest superheroes or better said “badheroes” movie called “Venom”. Venom is an alien that belongs to a species called “Symbiontes” which can inhabit living creatures conferring them superpowers. Plants have their own kind of Symbiontes living inside them. Scientists call them “endophytes” and just like Venom they can confer superpowers to the plant that … Continue reading The invisible superheroes inside plants