Designing therapeutic siRNAs

Short Interfering RNA (siRNA) has come of age to unleash its full potential as a potent therapeutic. The onset of a series of FDA approvals of the siRNA medication targeting rare, previously untreatable genetic disorders and several other promising drug candidates in clinical trials have established the RNA Interference (RNAi) technology in the therapeutic realms. Designing a highly effective siRNA is one of the critical challenges of its downstream usage as a potential drug. Continue reading Designing therapeutic siRNAs

Anti-CD47 antibody: A new hope for cancer treatment

The efficiency and precision of cancer treatments, which may be surgical removal, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of second and third depends upon the stage and type of cancer. Targeting CD47 and Signal inhibitory receptor alpha protein interactions (SIRPα) has evolved as one of several such methods of cancer therapy. Continue reading Anti-CD47 antibody: A new hope for cancer treatment

Respect in the lab

Laboratories are full of scientists who do research on the bench, and at times in front of the computer. They are composed of PhD students and staff like research assistants, post-docs and lab managers. Ideally, working in a lab is like living with other housemates or with other family members. A lab is a well-oiled machine if it operates like a functional household. Continue reading Respect in the lab