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5 things I learnt when I went from PhD to post-doc

By Megan De Ste Croix, University of Leicester

On the 28th February this year I submitted my PhD thesis, and on the 1st of March I started my first post-doc position. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful PhD supervisor who I worked well with and even more lucky that he had a post-doc position available close to when I planned to submit. In the time since I officially started as a post-doc I’ve learnt that it’s a bit more than a PhD project with the title.

Trypanosoma brucei: epigenetic regulation and coat switching

By Zandile Nare, University of Edinburgh

Trypanosoma brucei is a parasite which is responsible for causing African sleeping sickness and nagana in cattle in sub-Saharan Africa. Cell differentiation in T. brucei is associated with the upregulation and downregulation of several genes some of which seem to be regulated by epigenetic mechanisms. T. brucei could therefore be a key tool in advancing knowledge in this field.

Finding the founding fathers of molecular biology

By Lisa Strittmatter, University of Cambridge, UK

My motivation to do a PhD at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge was driven by its place at the forefront of science. During my time here, I have come to realise how little I know about the origins of molecular biology. In 1957, the MRC institute was named ‘unit for Molecular Biology’. I decided it was high time to find out more and who better to narrate its history than its contemporary witnesses?