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Hacked: the human edition

By Natalie Hamer, Newcastle University

In today’s western society, almost every individual owns a piece of technology. Be that a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer; technology has become so integrated into our lives that we use it daily to complete simple tasks such as communicating, banking and even shopping. The more we depend on technology, the more criminals will try to exploit this dependency to steal our private information for gain.

Stem cell therapy for arthritis?

By Debosree Pal, JNCASR, India

During the development of an embryo, the initial mass of cells that possess the capacity to constantly divide and give rise to all mature cell types of an organism are referred to as the stem cells. Stem cells have a capacity known as pluripotency, derived from the Latin term plurimus meaning very many and potens that refers to their capacity to differentiate into all cell types.

Fibrosis: an overlooked companion of inflammation

By Conor Sugden, University of Liverpool

Inflammatory mechanisms and processes contribute to the pathogenesis of a number of conditions – one of which is fibrosis. Inflammation and fibrosis are intrinsically linked, and much about their complex relationship is still unknown. Whereas a healthy inflammatory response is necessary for successful wound healing, a prolonged response often precedes tissue fibrosis.