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Hints & tips for preparing your first poster presentation

By Valentina Gifford, University of Oxford

In March, I attended the The Dynamic Cell III meeting in Manchester, where, with great excitement, I presented my first poster. The meeting started with the Students/Postdocs symposium, where we got the chance to warm up and have a quick taste of the amazing research that was about to follow. Then, a perfect mix of more experienced and early-career scientists set the context for an inspiring scientific discussion, that brought together a wide variety of topics, all focusing on understanding cell functions, such as motility and cell-cell interactions. The quality of the presentations was outstanding and everybody was able to share his enthusiasm.

5 tips for getting into computational biology

By Fatima Vayani, King’s College London

I discovered computational biology (or bioinformatics, as it is also known) by chance during an internship when I was 17. I have always been a curious person, and from a young age was inclined to the life sciences. Having been surrounded by computers since childhood, however, I was excited by the notion of exploring nature without having to be in nature itself. Those who prefer not to work in the field or in a wet lab still have the ability to do biological research through computation!