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The darker side to global warming?

By Sabrina Hossain, University of Birmingham

Global warming is undeniably one of the greatest issues of our day and age. From the ‘fake news’ nay-sayers to the cohort of scientists at the forefront of the battle; global warming is the hot topic on everyone’s lips. Now a majority of you reading may be concerned that this will be just another blog post on the mechanics of global warming accompanied with the obligatory all so familiar fearful statistics of the consequences.

A day in the life of a cardiovascular biology PhD student

By Tom Keeley, King’s College London, UK

I’ve spent the last three years looking for a better way to recreate and observe cell responses in the laboratory. This has been the focus for my PhD, ‘Defining an in vitro model of normoxia and its implications for nitric oxide signalling’, which I’ve been researching in the Vascular Biology Lab in the British Heart Foundation Centre of Research Excellence at King’s College London.

Parliamentary Links Day 2017 – UK Science and Global Opportunities?

Max Thompson, University of Kent

As a PhD student with an interest in science policy, I was very excited to get the chance attend Parliamentary Links Day 2017. The subject was global opportunities and UK science, which sounded to me like it would entail a lot of discussion of Brexit and general policies which influence the internationalism of UK science, something which I feel very strongly about.