The Biochemist Blog

Overcoming the so-called ‘male, pale and stale’ world of STEM

By Nabila Juhi, Urmston Grammar School

I was going to find a cure for cancer, seven-year-old me decided. From a young age I’ve always been interested in science. It was perhaps one subject where I felt I’d found my niche: it was logical, I was good at it and it provided me with answers to questions I’d yet to even consider. Coming from an immigrant family, with parents who didn’t continue onto higher education, I was encouraged to stick to it.

Frontier forensics: the rise of environmental DNA analysis

By Alexander Evans, University of Leeds

The natural world is under threat from many anthropogenic sources, such as the spread of harmful invasive species and the decline of native populations due to habitat loss and climate change. Finding new technologies and methods to assess and tackle these increasingly global problems is crucial. However, in order to tackle big problems, sometimes you need small solutions. One such emerging tiny tool is the sequencing of environmental DNA (eDNA)!

The View From Nowhere

By Helen Albert, Editor

The story of a brilliant biochemist ‘Prez’ and his discovery that the fictional weedkiller and endocrine disruptor ‘atraphosphate’ is dangerous to human health, as well as the subsequent professional and emotional fallout from this finding, is the focus of The View From Nowhere at the Park 90 theatre in Finsbury Park, London.