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Event report: Protein disulphide bonds-biochemistry, biotechnology and biomedical impact

On 31st August 2018, I attended the protein disulphide bonds- biochemistry, biotechnology and biomedical impact conference organised by the Biochemical society at the university of Kent. I am a research fellow working on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and more specifically on tau protein, which is associated with the pathogenesis of the disease.

Science and the Industrial Strategy – Parliamentary Links Day 2018

By Carmen Coxon, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control

Scientists and politicians both have a tendency to over promise (usually with the best of intentions!) and under deliver (life never really works out how you expect, right?). By the end of the 30th Parliamentary Links Day I also got the impression we share something else – a desire to ensure that UK science remains at the top of its game and that the UK scientific research community is well supported.